Pilikula International Full-Dome Film Festival and Planetarium Conference

Convergence of Planetarium Enthusiasts


Why to attend ?

Benefits of Full Dome Festival and Conference:

An Astronomical Laboratory – creating an interesting and stimulating learning environment among students and general public for understanding astronomy and related areas such as space science, technology and innovation.

An Informal Education Network - offering out-of-school experiences to know more about the universe, to push back barriers of ignorance and comprehend the mysteries of the Universe through experts in the fields.

Night Sky Observation - to observe the starry sky and countless spectacular objects we find in our Universe.

Understanding of Our Surroundings - to inspire and educate people of all ages about our Planet Earth and our place in the Universe; update astronomical information.

Immersive Experience – learning science as an enjoyment, creating a positive experience about science, its history and philosophy.

Inspiration to Understand Diverse Cultures and Faiths - to develop new insights and experience a sense of wonder while exploring the size and scale of the Universe.

Increase in Science Literacy - to motivate students to pursue interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) and to consider related career paths.

Enhancing the Understanding of Science and Scientific Reasoning – to create an evidence-based learning and providing specific opportunities to practice and cultivate scientific reasoning and critical thinking.

Demonstration of New TechnologiesAn opportunity of witness new products and technologies demonstrated by Experts.